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Training teachers to deliver financial education has a long-term positive impact on young people’s ability to choose financial products and to protect themselves from fraud.

Four education unions - NEU, NAHT, ASCL and Voice - have submitted a joint statement to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), demanding a significant, above-inflation pay increase for all teachers and leaders.

More teacher training needed to combat sexual abuse

Childline has argued that teachers need extra training to educate pupils about healthy relationships and consent.

Fall in teacher vacancies in Scotland

Advertised vacancies for permanent primary teacher roles in Scotland have dropped by more than half since last year, from 204 to 88.

Young people not planning to follow in parents’ footsteps

Young people are not planning to take the same path as their parents because their jobs are too boring and do not pay enough money.

School leaders increasingly distracted by parental complaints

84 per cent of school leaders are distracted by complaints from parents about their school's approach.

NEU members were recently asked to identify which policy change would be most critical for the next government

Road safety charity Brake has teamed up with TV and radio science presenter and YouTube educator Greg Foot to create a brand new short film for primary schools.


With hundreds of schools having a fire each year, the fact that fewer than one in six new schools have a sprinkler system is worrying. Iain Cox from the Business Sprinkler Alliance explains

Alongside reports that a third of teachers plan to leave within five years, there are also widespread concerns about the health and wellbeing of those teachers who remain in the profession

On National STEM Day, IT industry experts share their thoughts on how STEM skills can be positively implemented into education

In September, edtech charity LGfL published its audit into school cyber security. Mark Bentley, LGfL safeguarding and cybersecurity manager, shares the report findings

To cut through the cycles of hope and disenchantment that have followed EdTech ever since its first use, it is necessary for schools, suppliers and government to work hand in hand

This article is designed to provide an understanding of how franchisees and sub-contractors work within the procurement consultancy industry and within the education sector

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The CREATE Education Project is running the Inspired Minds Classroom at TCT Show for schools or colleges to take part.