National School Meals Week showed that school food has never been in better shape. However, new LACA chair Stephen Forster has highlighted three priorities to improve it further

Coeliac UK’s GF Accreditation scheme can help you implement safe kitchen processes to help ensure you deliver safe gluten free food to your pupils

Simply bringing about behaviour change within a school can cut its energy usage by ten per cent quickly and easily

To inspire schools to take up more sport, as well as improve vital allergy education, the Sadie Bristow Foundation was set up as legacy to Sadie, who tragically died of an extreme allergic reaction

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The prospect of undertaking a modular building project can be daunting, therefore ESPO has created a guide and procurement framework to help schools navigate the modular building world

What can schools and educators do to break down the barriers for getting more girls and people from BAME backgrounds staying on STEM education pathways? EngineeringUK explores

With hundreds of schools having a fire each year, the fact that fewer than one in six new schools have a sprinkler system is worrying. Iain Cox from the Business Sprinkler Alliance explains

Alongside reports that a third of teachers plan to leave within five years, there are also widespread concerns about the health and wellbeing of those teachers who remain in the profession

On National STEM Day, IT industry experts share their thoughts on how STEM skills can be positively implemented into education

In September, edtech charity LGfL published its audit into school cyber security. Mark Bentley, LGfL safeguarding and cybersecurity manager, shares the report findings

To cut through the cycles of hope and disenchantment that have followed EdTech ever since its first use, it is necessary for schools, suppliers and government to work hand in hand

This article is designed to provide an understanding of how franchisees and sub-contractors work within the procurement consultancy industry and within the education sector

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When it comes to a child’s sugar consumption, what’s legally required, what do Ofsted inspectors look for, and how does SUGARWISE work?

Despite creativity being sought after by employers, there is a risk that subjects such as drama and art may be side-lined in schools, write Paula Hamilton from the National Theatre

API Chair Mark Hardy explores the effect the decline in public playgrounds is having on children and the role schools can play in minimising the impact

The prospect of undertaking a modular building project can be daunting, therefore ESPO has created this guide and a time-saving procurement framework to help schools and academies navigate the modular building world

Access to nature provides both physical and mental health benefits, as well as allowing children to develop confidence, resilience and an increased focus for learning, writes Becky O'Melia

School trips give students unrivalled opportunities to learn in the real world, enable them to grow in confidence and enable them to better engage back in the classroom