Strike action over school-site health concerns to go ahead

A group of NASUWT union teachers at Buchanan and St Ambrose high schools in Coatbridge are to go ahead with strike action today (12 August) over health and safety concerns of the school site.

The schools were built on a former landfill site, but an independent review, which involved testing the water and soil, found it safe and there was no link to ill health.

Chris Keates, General Secretary (Acting) of the NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union, said: “This is a detailed Report which requires careful consideration.

“The NASUWT has now passed the Report to the experts, who have been advising the Union throughout this dispute, for their review and advice.

“Once we have received their comments, we can then make a decision about the return to work of NASUWT members.

“In the light of this, pending the receipt of that advice, the strike action remains in place as scheduled for Monday 12th August. The Union will keep the position under review.

“The Union has advised the Council of this decision and has also taken the opportunity to seek answers to some preliminary questions about the Report.

“We are concerned to ensure that the Council is adopting all of the recommendations and we have asked for the immediate release of the periodic testing results for the membrane as per Recommendation 4.

“We have also asked for a written commitment from the Council to make public a report on the remediation work to remove the PCBs, which is to be carried out between today and 11th August.

“Additionally, in the light of paragraph 10.10 of the Report referring to NHS Lanarkshire, we have asked the Council to confirm whether they will agree to pay for the heavy metal testing for our members as requested by our solicitors last week.”

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