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Bowker IT and Netgenium’s IP Lockdown Solution in Education

Bowker IT covering the North West, loves to do what we do best and that’s giving schools a complete IT service and we’ve teamed up with UK based Netgenium to give our schools outstanding building security systems.

The potential of a security breach at a school, college or university has become more prevalent recently. This has led to the installation of many security systems such as CCTV, Access Control and Barriers to help protect staff, students and parents.

Netgenium offer a range of network based solutions that create an intelligent, scalable and feature rich security system to help provide a Lockdown solution.

Netgenium’s IP Access Control and IP Public Address are typical systems that are used every day. However, the systems can also work together so a push of a button, click on a screen or swipe of a smart card could send a site into Lockdown immediately securing doors and gates and sending pre-recorded announcements around buildings.

The system is incredibly flexible and allows the end user to design and achieve the Lockdown solution that suits their needs.

To find out more contact Kim or visit our website.

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