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The Welsh Government has launched its long term strategy to prevent and reduce obesity, called Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales.

Free schools have successfully increased school places at primary level, having added 11 places per 1,000 pupils in areas with the greatest demand

A new competition from Go Ultra Low is challenging schools in England and Wales to sign up to Ben Fogle’s Hero to Zero Emission Miles Challenge.

NAHT and NEU have written to the Gavin Williamson regarding reports of some EU citizen children having school places threatened in a no-deal Brexit.

There was a 2.2 per cent rise in college leavers in Scotland entering employment in 2018,

Parents often chose to take their children out of secondary school to be home-educated because of complex needs rather than preferred choice

Pocklington Junior School in East Yorkshire has become the first in the county to be awarded the ADHD Friendly School award

The amount of obese four and five-year-olds rose from 9.5% in 2017-18 to 9.7% in 2018-19, equating to 58,000 children.

The Bikeability scheme, which teaches children how to ride, has been given a £13 million government investment.

The new school is being built to meet demand for Gaelic medium education.

Schools and local authorities will today find out how government is allocating the first part of its investment - £2.6 billion - for the coming year.

The DfE's Teacher Workload survey has showed that teachers’ working hours have fallen by almost five hours per week over the past three years.

A major new report from the DfE into children's wellbeing has found that the majority of children between 10 and 24 are 'happy' with their lives.

The loan means new school places are financed and delivered up-front – rather than builders having to wait for new homes to be built and sold

Nearly one-in-five (18 per cent) of teens have deleted social media apps off their devices in recognition of the negative impact of social media on their lives.